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Regardless of the weather conditions, we like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Our gardens have become very much an integral part of our home, with our house and garden flowing into one. As a result, we now also long for more atmosphere, comfort and optimum enjoyment outside. Spending time outdoors is now becoming open air living!

This is exactly why Cordula® has brought to you the open air living.

  • A supply of fresh air and protection against the wind and rain ensuring physical comfort.
  • The wind and sun protection prevents overheating and cooling, thus ensuring thermal comfort.
  • The front and sides can be closed off by means of mobile translucent elements, thus offering comfort as a result of visual contact with the environment.

Cordula® prides itself on its long-standing experience in sunprotection and ventilation and is therefore well-equipped to take the outdoor space up to a higher level. By using just the right technology and innovative products, you can now also enjoy your garden in spring and autumn.

Open air living is an innovative terrace covering equipped with a bladed roof system, that can be closed off on both sides with wind-resistant fixed screens, glass sliding walls, sliding panels or a combination of the former.

The roof consists of extruded aluminium blades that can be tilted to adjust sunprotection and ventilation as required. In closed position, the roof system is fully waterproof. Even in heavy showers, concealed guide water channels drain the water towards the columns. This water drainage also operates when the blades are opened up when it has stopped raining, and this ensures that the furniture on the patio remains protected. By adding side elements this louvered veranda can be customised at infinitum.

The glass sliding panels offer yet another possibility. These can be equipped with motorised blinds for shading and privacy. A great deal of engineering work has also gone into the quality of the finish. For example, all the fixations are virtually invisible, any electrical cabling can be completely hidden out of sight, and the floor fixations can also be concealed.

The high quality of the materials used and the design itself reduce maintenance to a minimum whilst guaranteeing exceptional durability. The extensive choice of colours and the various options for customising the unit ensure that these louvered verandas fits into any building style or as a freestanding structure.

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