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We designed our electric Remote Controlled Garage Doors after extensive research revealed what users of remote controlled garage doors really wanted. Every Cordula high security automatic garage door is tailor made to your exact specifications and will be fitted by our nationwide team of experts. We can also provide quality aluminium garage doors.

Automatic Operation

Can be opened and closed from the comfort and safety of your car. As the door rolls up, internal lights are activated for added security and remain on as you park your car and close the door. The remote control is approved by the Home Office.

High Level Security Features

The automatic locking system eliminates the need for additional keys. There are no handles or protrusions on the exterior of the door which could aid an unwanted entry attempt. If your garage is attached to your house, this is a valuable extra security measure.

Ease of Operation

Guide rollers ensure smooth and quick operation with no visible springs or levers.

Superior Design

No gaps ensure excellent weatherproofing keeping your garage warm. It can be manually operated in the event of power failure.


When the door is opening and closing it does not swing outwards, and has separate up and down buttons for additional safety.

Your CE Marking Guarantee

Because Cordula Remote Controlled Garage Doors carry the coveted CE Marking, you know that they have passed stringent safety tests to comply with European regulations. This means your Cordula Garage Door will be completely safe to use – always.

Increased Garage Width

In the majority of cases, the width of your garage opening can be increased by fitting the door internally. This is particularly advantageous on single garage doors.

Excellent Insulation

The double skinned aluminium door with a foam filling and a rubber seal really keeps the heat in and the cold out.

Integral Electric Drive Motor

With no visible springs and levers.

Create Roof Space

The roller box takes up just 300mm of roof space, to maximise head room in the garage roof. (Smaller roller boxes also available).

Value for Money

If you thought you couldn’t afford one, you might be surprised!

Wide Choice of Colours and Combinations

Choose the one which complements your garage and home.

A Lifetime of Trouble Free Service

Thanks to Cordula’s precision engineering, you can look forward to a lifetime of trouble free service from your Remote Controlled Garage Door.

Remote Controlled Garage Doors

Cordula Electric Garage Doors give you an unbeatable combination of convenience and high security from the UK’s No.1 supplier.

The high-tech remote control allows you to open your garage door from a range of up to 75 metres while you stay safe and comfortable in your car.

When the garage door is opening and closing it does not swing outwards, which means you can drive right up to the door without the risk of it hitting your car. This is especially useful for properties with shorter driveways or smaller garages. Cordula Roller Garage Doors are made from hard wearing durable aluminium, so unlike steel doors, they will remain rust free.

  • Clever design maximises available side and headroom
  • Automatic internal light activates when door opens
  • Door operated by coded remote control technology for maximum security
  • Optional external keypad – operates the door without the key fob
  • CE Marking – compliant with European safety regulations
  • Maintenance free and available in a choice of colours
  • Pressure edge prevents damage to children, pets and your car
  • High security automatic locking system – no need for keys
  • Made to your exact specifications
  • Fitted by our nationwide team of experts

Sectional Garage Doors

Cordula, the renowned experts in the manufacture of roller garage doors for 25 years now bring you a stylish sectional door with all the build quality and superior features synonymous with the Cordula range. As one of the UK’s longest standing companies in the industry

Cordula have set the benchmark in garage door innovation and quality of customer service. Your garage door is so much more than just functional it is an integral part of the architecture of the house. By choosing a Cordula Sectional garage door you can create a stylish feature that is sure to enhance not only the look of your home but also the security and insulation. With a variety of designs and finishes available, you are sure to find the right garage door for you.

The sectional design makes the most of your driveway and garage. Vertical operation ensures you can park right up to your door and use your entire driveway. Headroom requirements are minimal with as little as 110mm needed for our low headroom motorised operation.

The Sectional design is a 40mm thick insulated steel panel manufactured to the highest specification to ensure you get the most from your garage space. The security features leave your home totally protected and weather seals on all sides provide all-weather protection from wind and rain, ensuring your home is energy efficient, to save you money.

Unlike any other products from other manufacturers, every one of our doors is unique; made to measure to the mm ensuring a perfect fit. Take time choosing your door and our experts will guide you through the process from start to finish. A fully trained local installer will visit your home to discuss your requirements then measure and install your door. By carefully listening to your needs we will find the garage door to perfectly suit your home.

Our standard specification is remote controlled electric operation for maximum convenience and ease of use. Your own personal security code and additional options for lighting or operation of other products in your home make this a unique automation system.

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